Research Interests of ChorSwang Ngin

Professor Ngin’s research focuses on explicating the connections among the topics of race, ethnicity and culture, as exemplified by the communities in Asia and among the Asian immigrants in Southern California. This research interest has led to a number of interesting field opportunities:

  1. Visit and Interviews with the Vietnamese Boat People in the Pulau Bidong, Malaysia (1986)
  2. Research and Consulting for the World Bank on four Bank missions to China on the involuntary resettlement of populations affected by hydroelectric dam projects (1990)
  3. Research and Consulting for the RAND in Malaysia and Indonesia (1996-1999) on intergenerational relations.
  4. Representing CSULA on a visit to the Muslim minority populations along the Silk Road in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China (2001).

Professor Ngin’s publications reflect such interests.